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Our Goals

To financially support organizations that focus on pancreatic cancer research for early detection and testing, with and emphasis on those in minority communities. To provide awareness of the disease in these communities, so that patients can be their own self advocate and doctors have the resources they need to identify the disease early and not miss it.

Raise $5M annually by '2030

We know that donors fund every bit of progress we make, so your gifts and support of the Eric and Deborah D DeWitt VGJazz Foundation benefit, awareness events and donations are critical to helping us support organization that focus on research for pancreatic cancer early detection, testing and childhood  music education programs 


The Eric and Deborah D DeWitt VGJazz Foundation is here to continue the legacy of VGJazz founder Eric Kingdon DeWitt. His love of music will allow us to continue to celebrate his life and make a difference. 



Donate to The Eric and Deborah D DeWitt VGjazz Foundation Inc. 

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