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Pancreatic Cancer Heroes, Resources, 
Early Detection Research Organizations &
Programs We Support

The Eric and Deborah D DeWitt VGJazz Foundation is achieving more with our participation with and support of organization that focus on equity in pancreatic cancer awareness, early detection, research,  testing and childhood music education



Programs We Support 

Youth Music Education Programs We Love

We're teaming up with the Atlanta Music Project and Kenan Presents YoungStars 360 Experience to provide world-class music training and performance opportunities for youth.

Photo: Zach Toth Photography.  

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Research and Early Detection Organizations We Support

Research and early detection are key initiatives for finding pancreatic cancer in earlier stages. The EDDVGJ Foundation supports organizations that focus on research and early detection in Black/African American and Hispanic communities

Did you know _ - Workplace of a doctor. Tablet, stethoscope, black pen on wooden desk back
Know The Risks 

Pancreatic cancer risk factors are not well known.  We've listed these to increase awareness and for people to be their own advocates...

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Know The Symptoms

It's important to know that Pancreatic cancer may cause only vague unexplained symptoms...



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