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The Journey and Plan Continues...But The Route Will Change A Bit

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Wow, what a year thus far; between COVID19, getting new jobs in a foreign country and moving abroad in '2020, we will have one more change in '2021. A change that will put a bit of a turn to the plans we've made, and the turn could be major. However, we will still do all we can to keep our plans. It's like this...It's like there was a certain route to a particular destination and "WAZE", or "Google Maps" said, ahh no, I'm going to get you to your destination, however you're going to have to go a different way. Why, because the original route has been impeded by something...That's what I think it means when the Bible says, "Man makes his plans, but God orders his steps" The ordering of the steps, by God, are re-aligned based on situations, that are under God's control, that happen in life. Did I just have revelation?

We heard some news in February and are in the process of confirming or nullifying the news. And we'll get the details in March. Oh, a knot just hit the pit of my stomach when I wrote that.... deep breath! The goal is to not let the information sway us. Oh no, we will not be in denial, but choosing how to navigate and react will be completely up to us and no one else.

We're a strong, faithful, couple who walk by faith and not by sight. We're also data driven, scientific pragmatists...are those two descriptions a contradiction in terms? It could be. But that's who we are. We will and have always handled anything that has come our way. Why is this knot still in the pit of my stomach? Breathe Deb... breathe.

I've started journaling the new journey, the fork in the road, the re-route, the.... whatever we will call it. That said, we know that this new route, or steps, are ordered by God and that He will get us to where he wants us to be. We also know that we've come this far by faith, leaning on Him...inhale...exhale!

This time tomorrow, we'll have an idea on what the re-route will look like. That said, we have put everything in order for any new route we have to take. That said, we really can't wait to get back to Amsterdam. We are targeting April 30th. We've taken our first dose of the Moderna COVID19 vaccine and plan on taking the second dose on April 24th, then back to Amsterdam.

I'm excited...I really am. Whatever the re-route to this journey, we are ready for it, we have each other. I can't wait to see the world, get some travel in. I hope we can get across EU borders. With COVID rising it may be constrained but, we'll have our vaccines by then. We're thinking of taking a trip in May...we haven't decided on where yet. I'd like Santorini, or the Mediterranean, Spanish Riviera. We will be all over Europe this summer/fall...short trips to Paris and seeing our friend in Germany. Maybe a nice long weekend in Switzerland too.

My job has been very accommodating. They have given me the opportunity to come back to Atlanta and work from there while we figure out our re-route. They have also given me the freedom to take the time off if I need to take care of what needs to be taken care of for the family. We are absolutely excited to add more memories to our incredible journey, even if there is a re-route.

Will know more and... keep you in the loop.

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