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Deborah Davis DeWitt, M.B.A

President, CEO

Deborah Davis-DeWitt created The Eric and Deborah D. DeWitt VGJazz Foundation with the vision and drive to support pancreatic cancer awareness, early detection, testing and early childhood music education everything she and her late husband, Eric K. DeWitt, have had and what she continues to have passion and focus.

Deborah has a 30+ year career in Information Technology with roles spanning from Network Engineer, Software Development Management and Technical Program Management.  She has recently been published regarding her focus  on Diversity and Inclusion and how companies can better provide opportunities for women in technology.


Mrs. DeWitt is a member of multiple technology organizations, such as WIT USA (Women in Tech), Women Who Code, International Women in Technology, and  AnitaB. She was bestowed with  the Women Who Code Leadership Award for technical leadership and mentorship. 


Mrs. DeWitt graduated from Dowling College with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA focusing on Organizational Behavior Management. She has been active in pancreatic cancer awareness since 2021.

Deborah Davis DeWitt, M.B.A
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