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Louise Bolden


A seasoned Telecommunications Management and Non-Profit Professional with over 30 years of telecom business experience directing, documenting and developing full spectrum of programs through proven expertise and competencies.

Ms. Bolden's has over 15 years of  experience in Non-Profit Community Development that include overseeing  day-to-day operation of various organizational programs, financial counseling, and grant writing.  Ms. Bolden has been able to write grant that resulted in a 20% increase in fundraising

She developed and established organization’s by-laws for the Board of Directors and Officers of the organization.  She acted as the accountant to finalizing and gather information for Internal Revenue Services to obtain organization’s 501©3 status. She work closely with the President and CEO of organization to make sure that all programs were working properly and in order.

Her years of expertise provide The Eric and Deborah D DeWitt VGJazz Foundation with the needed expertise for growth. 

Louise Bolden
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