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Sharon Brooks

Outreach, Funding Chairperson

Ms. Brooks spent 8 yrs as a former Emory University Medical Coder and Medical Billing Specialist. Working as a Medical Coder afforded Ms Brooks the ability to become proficient in patient chart analysis and to identify missing and/or incorrect data codes and modifiers, that impacted billing for doctors and patients.

Ms. Brooks is passionate about the arts, traveling and  epicurean experiences.  Being passionate for the arts has motivated Ms. Brooks to become a freelance visual artist which became very freeing and therapeutic. Another passion for Ms. Brooks is traveling. In the past two yrs. Ms. Brooks has been able to experience:  Amsterdam, Spain, The South of France and Italy. There is something so rewarding to experience the culture, art, beauty and most of all the food of other countries.

All of Ms. Brooks' passions have continued to help her heal form her  brother's, Eric DeWitt's passing from stage four pancreatic cancer on September 5th, 2021.

Ms. Brooks is honored and privilege to contribute to continue Eric DeWitt's  legacy in serving on the Board of Directors of the Eric & Deborah D. DeWitt VGJazz Foundation.  Ms. Brooks is looking forward to serving with excellence in achieving the goals of supporting organizations focusing on early detection and testing of pancreatic cancer, along with supporting music education programs for children.

Sharon Brooks
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