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Vivalyn Elvy, M.B.A

Marketing, Communication Chairperson

For over 25 years, Ms. Elvy's passion has been in assisting leaders in the profit and non-profit industry; bringing their dreams and visions into reality.  She has partnered with leaders to process and execute their vision in the following areas: project development, strategic planning, and implementation; training, marketing, and management solution that drive ideas to action. Ms. Elvy has optimized performances, increase profits, increased volunteer retention, and built resourceful teams with diverse competencies.

Her expertise is also synergized with her passion for community enhancement and seeing individuals discover and walk in their authentic truth while fulfilling their purpose.  As the author of the book, “Who Am I?”  Ms. Elvy takes her readers on her personal journey of discovery, where they can truly see her heart of love for people and their successes. 

Vivalyn Elvy holds an MBA from Dowling College and has honed her business acumen as a Vice President of Operations for a northeast-based electronic company and a Government Regulatory Analysis.

Vivalyn Elvy, M.B.A
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